To Get a Professional Looking Lawn, You’ll Need a Weed Wacker

Grass trimmers, or “weed wackers,” take care of all those blades of grass your mower can’t reach. Mowing around fence lines, garden borders, rock walls, decks, play equipment and other obstacles can leave you with a row of uncut grass that makes your yard look unkempt. No matter how straight your cut lines are, how perfectly plush the grass is if you don’t finish the job with a weed wacker, or lawn trimmer, your yard work will never look finished. Wheels and Blades offers a large selection of gas and battery powered, professional quality weed wackers with ergonomic handles, easy to load string heads, and price points that won’t hurt your wallet.Take your lawn care to the next level, come to Wheels and Blades for lawn care equipment for every budget. We carry brands like Shindaiwa, ECHO, Redmax, and EGO. Stop in today, and we’ll fit you with the right weed wacker or lawn trimmer to fit your needs.

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A Good Quality Hedge Trimmer Helps Keep Your Shrubs and Bushes Healthy

Dense, healthy foliage comes from proper watering, soil conditions, and of course, seasonal trimming. Trying to trim with manual clippers or dull electric clippers is not only difficult and time-consuming, but it may also damage the branches and create weak spots for insects or disease to invade.A professional quality hedge trimmer like Shindaiwa, ECHO, Redmax, and EGO from Wheels and Blades can make trimming shrubs and bushes easy and fun. Keep your shrubs and bushes healthy and shapely. Stop in today and try out our extensive line of hedge trimmers.

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