Lawn Clippings to Leaf Piles, EGO Blowers Push Debris Where It Needs to Be

Using turbine-fan engineering, EGO lawn and leaf blowers provide a powerful air stream with minimal vibration. EGO leaf blowers feature an ergonomic design for motor-to-nozzle balance and user comfort. And, when used with the shoulder strap, EGO blowers are perfectly positioned for blowing grass, leaves, snow, or other debris without shoulder and neck fatigue.EGO leaf blowers are the perfect introduction to the entire line of EGO lawn and garden equipment.

With EGO Leaf Blowers, You Can Get the Job Done Without Disturbing the Neighbors

EGO Power+ blowers use a long-lasting 56V ARC Lithium battery to power their high-efficiency, brushless motor-making them 4x quieter than other leading gas blowers-without the fumes.All EGO Power+ blowers include both flat and tapered nozzles to make quick work of clearing debris from yards, gardens, and driveways. So, if you like tackling yard work when most people are sleeping in or relaxing, EGO lawn care equipment will help you get it done faster, quieter, and easier.

Wheels and Blades Features these Powerful, Hand-Held EGO Blowers:

  • Power+ 580 CFM Blower
  • Power+ 575 CFM Blower
  • Power+ 530 CFM Blower
  • Power+ 480 CFM Blower
ego leaf blower

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