Lightweight and Easy to Operate Lawn and Leaf Blowers

Lawn and leaf blowers are a necessary piece of equipment homeowners need to maintain a beautiful yard. Wheels and Blades have a variety of lightweight, easy-to-use lawn and leaf blowers to help you clear grass clippings, leaves, and other yard debris from your yard and driveway. Gas powered, electric, or battery, whatever style leaf blower you prefer to work with, we have for sale in our extensive showroom. Wheels and Blades not only has the best leaf blowers at the best prices, but we also have a team of outdoor power equipment experts that will help you find the perfect blower for your size yard and the number of trees that will be dropping leaves. Why go to a general hardware store, when you can get solid advice from the people who specialize in one thing-lawn and landscaping excellence. Come to our Clinton Township showroom and try on brands like Shindaiwa, ECHO, Redmax, and EGO for size.

High Powered Leaf Vacuums Make Bagging Leaves a Snap

While most of our lawn and leaf blowers come with a wide attachment for moving large piles of leaves across the grass and a narrow attachment for light work, sometimes, the best course of action is to use the vacuum. With the flick of a switch, leaf blowers turn to leaf vacuums and offer you complete control of grass and leaf clean up. Using your leaf blower as a leaf vacuum, you can keep dust and debris from blowing into the air, making it ideal for garage clean-up. Wheels and Blades keeps a full line of gas, electric, and battery powered leaf vacuums from Shindaiwa, ECHO, Redmax, and EGO on our showroom floor, so you can try them all on for size before making a purchase decision. Stop in today to see what leaf vacuum is best for you.

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