EGO Chainsaws Are the Homeowners Dream – No Fumes, No Fuss, Just Power Beyond Belief™

EGO eco-friendly chainsaws are the best chainsaws for homeowners who maintain their own property. With a 14” or 16” bar and chain, the EGO line of chainsaws delivers professional power without gas, exhaust fumes, or a pull start. The EGO’s 56V ARC Lithium battery is quick to charge and provides hours of power to its high-efficiency, brushless motor.Cuts are effortless in both hard and soft woods, making it ideal for felling trees, cutting firewood, cleaning up storm debris and trimming large tree limbs.

ego chainsaw

Fast Cutting, Reliable, and Long-Lasting are Just a Few Reasons EGO Chainsaws are Better than Gas Chainsaws

EGO chainsaws include a full suite of safety features like overload protection, low kick-back chain design, water-resistant construction, and a well-balanced, ergonomic design. Perfect for the experienced tree trimmer or first time chainsaw user, EGO Power+ Chainsaws are quieter than gas chainsaws, include a push-button start, and “cut like butter.” If you are a camper or outdoor enthusiast, EGO chainsaws are ideal for taking on the road. All you need is a power source and oil-no dangerous gas chains to take on the road. EGO Power+ Chainsaws charge quickly and last for hours-depending on the work you need to do.

Wheels and Blades Features these Powerful EGO Chainsaws:

  • Power+ 14″ Chainsaw
  • Power+ 16″ Chainsaw

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